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Frequently Asked Questions about Galapagos Diving
Currents and surges are present in Galapagos waters. Divers must have a minimum of 30 logged dives to go on live-aboard cruises.

What are the water conditions like?
The water temperature is pretty cold in the Galapagos. It gets even colder from June-December and September-November with themoclines, when diving is at its prime and there’s a high chance of seeing large schools of big creatures.  Currents are moderate to strong. Visibility is 10-21m (30-70ft). Divers must always follow Dive Master rules and remain in pairs.

What type of diving equipment comes with my diving tour?
It is mandatory to bring your diving license and insurance like DAN. Divers will need a 7mm wetsuit, gloves and hood; along with complete dive gear, regulator, BCD, mask, fins, weight belt and tanks – all of these items are already included in our package tours (except a dive watch and dive computer).

There is a functional Hyperbaric Chamber in Puerto Ayora available for an extra fee.

What type of Galapagos Marine Life can I expect to see?
White tip sharks, Hammerheads, Rays, seahorses, eels, sea lions, and many, many more.

What Dive Sites are available?
Gordon Rocks / North Seymour / Cousins / Isabela
Floreana / Daphne / Beagle

What are the Best sites to explore on a Live-Aboard Cruise?
Darwin and Wolf Islands.

What Dive Boats do you use?

Agressor Fleet Ships, Sky Dancer, Deep Blue

What are our Galapagos Diving Packages?
We have three in total, and they are:

-Indefatigable Basis
-North & South Challenger
-Integrity Package